Welcome Obliviators! (aka ds106 participants)
This tired old workshop is also the locale for my messing about in DS 106, openly offered by Jim Groom at U of MW. Visit my digital finger painting for DS 106 but please excuse the html scraps and JavaScript puddles.

This WordPress blog, on the Edublogs system, is a utility blog for training and courses in instructional design and educational technology. Course materials and links to course resources can be found in many of the page links to the right. Feelt free to reuse and alter the course materials you find here as they are all developed with from the aggregation of my experience learning from those who have come before me.

From time to time this blog will host experiments, activities and learning objects for one project or another. If you are looking for insightful comments on educational technology, keep looking maybe you’ll find some in my DS 106 playpen. If you’re looking for technical support for distance education at the University of Victoria then go to http://distance.uvic.ca.